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Technical FAQ

Q1. Are the full yacht specifications available?

A1. Yes.  Whilst other manufacturers can be light on technical specifications, inclusions, capacity, quantity and sizing information, we provide detailed specifications.

To download PowerYacht specs Click Here
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Q2. What safety features are incorporated?

A2. We have ensured our vessels meet and or exceed the Australian Standards AS1799.1 – 2021 that apply to safety.  If you would like to know more, we have an entire section dedicated to our yacht safety features.

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Q3. Why Alloy and not Fibreglass?

A3. We use 5083 and 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy in various plate sizes from 3mm up to 15mm on the PowerYacht transom.  This allows us to meet if not exceed engineering requirements whilst maintaining a significant reduction in overall vessel mass, compared with fibreglass construction.  This translates into a superior power-to-weight ratio delivering higher performance (velocity), better fuel efficiency and thus longer range.  In fact, the weight reduction on is on the order of 4000KG heavier if made of fibreglass and this is the norm for anything high performance, the strength must be superior but with a reduction in mass – whether its racing boats, sports cars or aircraft.  There is also the advantage of being able to easily make design iterations with alloys given they used Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) whereas fibreglass moulds are fixed.  Furthermore, 5083 alloy with its super high tensile strength is less likely to crack than fibreglass which splits allowing seawater ingress leading to osmosis whereas 5083 and 5052 are seawater corrosion resistant alloys so osmosis does not occur.  Whilst the Fibreglass coating is a smoother finish, it tends to degrade over time if continuously exposed to the marine environment – this is presenting a global pollution issue as older fibreglass boats break up releasing toxins and microplastics into the marine environment. With consumers preferring more environmentally conscious options nowadays, more manufacturers are switching to alloys and composites exclusively or at least offering both options.

Q4. Where are the Yachts manufactured?

A4. Australia and this can be verified on the Australian Builders Plate (ABP) and Hull Identification Number (HIN) affixed to our vessels.  The Country Code of Manufacture is determined by ISO 10087 – 2022 which deems Australia (AU) as the Country of Manufacture and of course Waveform Yachts as the ‘Manufacturer’.  However, we certainly use materials and components from USA, Europe (Italy, Norway, Germany) and elsewhere, particularly the high-end electronics, cooking, heating or cooling appliances and marine alloy sections that are chosen to meet strict design or performance requirements.  Whilst this is a complex process, it is overseen and monitored by us from start to finish to ensure our vessel are fit for purpose. 

This is our ABP & HIN Click Here

Q5. Do I need a Trailer for the Yacht? 

A5. No a trailer is not required, apart from initial delivery which will will arrange.  Getting boats on and off the water to use them is just not enjoyable way to start of finish your yatching adventure.  Particularly given the size of our vessels, its not practical nor desirable.  Our yachts are designed to be berthed at your pricate jetty, a marina berth or river mooring so you can just come and go as you please.  NOTE:  Marina berth size is based upon the length of the boat overall (LOA) which is from the absolute front (bow) to the back of the motor on the transom at the stern of the vessel.  For this measurement, please refer to full yacht specifications.

Q6. Are there technical and operational resources also available?

A6. Yes.  Once you purchase a Waveform Yacht you automatically gain access to our Owner’s Hub where you can view or download specific component or equipment manuals, as well as operational videos and guides on using our vessels.

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